CIMHA - Cluster Installer Monitor & Health Analyser

What is CIMHA :

CIMHA project is aimed to create an integrated suite to provision and manage HA clusters in virtual environment. It will also constantly analyze kernel/hardware health of cluster nodes by using VESPER (a Linux kernel prober). It will invoke (live) migration of Resources (like VMs) based on predictive VESPER probe signals.

Project Summary :

CIMHA will provide a way to do the provisioning, monitoring and early detection of failures of cluster nodes or resources, under a unified GUI. ConVirt will be used as the GUI infrastructure provider. CIMHA can provision physical as well as Virtual Machines (VMs) remotely. It will be used to form and configure HA clusters as well.

CIMHA will use VESPER to probe and monitor the health of the cluster nodes and Virtual Machines (VMs). Based on this it will do the early detection of failures and will act accordingly.

Features :

Image :

Workflow (for Monitoring) :

  1. Cluster Manager in host requests Resource Manager for the status of services in the VMs.
  2. Resource manager checks the status by communicating with proxy present in VMs through XENBUS.
  3. The status of service is sent to the resource manager through XENBUS.
  4. Resource manager gathers the status information and sends it to the Cluster manager.
  5. Cluster Manager in host requests for the health of host and VMs to VESPER.
  6. VESPER communicates with SystemTap agent in VMs through XENBUS and gathers information.
  7. VESPER sends back the information to Cluster manager.
  8. Based on the information from Resource Manager and VESPER, Cluster Manager will do appropriate action.

Core Components :


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